Life Sciences

Increased Clinical Trial Complexity. Intricate Pharmacovigilance systems. Supply Chain delays. Cumbersome Regulatory compliance. These are every day challenges in your world, but with every challenge comes an opportunity to improve the customer experience and create professional growth.

Spearhead Staffing is a specialized provider of Information Technology services for the Life Sciences industry encompassing the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device, and organizations that devote their efforts to the research and development of preventing illness and improving health.

Whether you need to manage your ever expanding Big Data environment or build and support your Scientific Computing system, we can guide and supplement your team with experienced professionals. Our consultants have created GxP compliant project documentation, supported FDA validated systems, operated in a SOX environment, and can lead the way on your projects and initiatives.

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Application for Gene Targeting

Boston, Massachusetts: Spearhead Staffing works with a global healthcare leader on development of an application critical to the success of their gene targeting efforts.

Gene targeting is a genetic technique that can be used to add or delete a gene, or introduce mutations. The aim is that this technique may become useful in treating human genetic disorders…Read More

iPad Sales Training Tools for Pharma

iPad-based sales training tools for a global pharmaceutical company increases knowledge and better utilizes time of their Field Sales Force.

A recent Gartner study showed that by 2015, more than 50 percent of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes, and more than 70 percent of Global 2000…Read More

Benefits Of Using Life Science Staffing

Benefits Of Using Life Science Staffing: Experts At Hiring Experts

As the pharmacology and life sciences industries have exploded in the past few decades, so too have the technological hurdles, as well as the regulations. There are laws and guidelines and GxPs for every aspect of the health industry, from how its computers are set up, to ever-more-strict pharma…Read More

3 Vital Reasons You Should Use Life Science Staffing

Finding the right kind of candidate for the jobs that you need to get done doesn’t have to cut into your budget and valuable time.

In fact, everything can be easily streamlined into a single service that helps you hasten the process of finding experienced professionals within the life sciences industry…Read More