What we do

Spearhead Staffing provides IT project management professionals that effectively build a framework for accomplishing your business goals.

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Our consultants work with business customers to develop system requirements and definition, using proven application development process…

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We can help your organization proactively manage your Windows and UNIX servers, and make use of our know-how to utilize consolidation…

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Our consultants will manage the ongoing operations, maintenance, system enhancements and upgrades of your business critical application environments.

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Our well-informed consultants leverage their knowledge of current and future technologies, as well as their understanding of your business…

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Hitting the mark

Spearhead Staffing sources talented IT professionals that combine years of valuable life sciences experience with certified vendor training.

Our talent encompasses the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, research and health organizations. We attract high-caliber IT professionals to your opportunities through our Right Hire recruiting process. Check out the top reasons to work with us to learn more and contact us today.

Latest Posts

  • Filling IT Job Openings: IT Recruiting Agency vs. Do It Yourself

    If you’ve had to recruit new hires in IT fields in the last few years, you’re probably aware of how incredibly complex modern computing has become. You need highly-qualified IT staff who are familiar with the latest techniques, and able to handle a huge variety of needs from internal tech support to managing your telecommunications.

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  • 8 Ways IT Recruiters Can Help You Find Talent Before the Competition

    IT companies need above average candidates to fulfill positions in order to ensure that their organizations thrive. Hiring a highly experienced IT recruiter is the first step to achieving this particular goal. Here are 8 ways that an IT recruiter can help you find the right talent before your competition does.

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