Top Tips for Stealing Top Talent


With unemployment under 5% for the first time in almost 10 years and the New Year coming around the corner, it will be even more imperative that companies compete for top talent. Furthermore, in an industry that is so rapidly evolving, new technologies and services make finding candidates with the right skills even more difficult. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so how do you grab the industries’ top talent without using unethical practices to “hook” them in?  Here are a couple of ways to get the best employees on your team.

Often companies will turn to their competitors as targets for finding employees that can “hit the ground running.” Rather than stopping there, take it one step further. Know more than just who your competitors are, find the ones that have cultures and environments like your company. Do they use the same platforms like SAP or Or do the use the same delivery methods and frameworks like ITIL or Agile.  This will cut down on the learning curve and demonstrate that your candidates will have a track record of success that is likely to be repeated.

Once you have identified your target companies, you now need to have an air tight pitch that is compelling. People need a reason to change, so why should they leave their comfortable job and join your team?  It is important that the candidate is being presented an opportunity that is more attractive than where they currently are. Yes, offering more money, better benefits and a shorter commute can help, however the top talent is looking for more than that. They want to be challenged, they want the chance for advancement and they want to be at a company with a great story. What is your companies story and how does it inspire others to want to join you?

Now that your all-star candidate is interested and has arrived on-site for their interview, it’s now time to close the deal. In addition to having the candidate go through your normal interviewing process, have your top talent meet with your candidate. Nothing attracts talent like talent. Let your candidate hear first-hand the challenges and opportunities that will be afforded to them. Let them hear how your all-star get management’s support to shine and about any programs you may have to accelerate their chances for advancement and recognition.

These tips can help you to jump-start the edge to you need to attract the industry best to your company.  If you would like even more information, we can continue the conversation and provides further tips and suggestions to improve your recruiting strategies.



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