The Beginners Guide To Quality Staffing Services

It does not matter how good your company is in terms of work ethics, business principles andquality staffing services marketing strategies — without the best staff you cannot expect to move forward. Everyone from your top executives to your entry-level employees play a vital role in your company. Often, you may not have the time, expertise or resources necessary to manage the employment process alone: this is where quality staffing services come into play.

When you are seeking out quality staffing services for the first time, you need to know a few things about how staffing agencies work before you can make a decision to hire.

1. What are the different types of staffing services?

Temporary staffing services provide companies with flexible staff for anything from a few days to several months. Temp-to-hire services are the best option if you are looking for a temporary employee with the option of fulltime hire. Other services will provide you with candidates to be hired directly as company employees.

Some services specialize in supplying companies with executives, workers with particular skill sets, or provide candidates only to businesses in specific industries. It is important to choose appropriately for your needs; for example, quality staffing services that specialize in your industry will probably have a better understanding of your company’s needs.

2. Which staffing services will attract the highest quality workers?

Specialized firms have the added advantage that they sometimes attract more highly qualified workers; however, sometimes a general staffing agency can best find candidates to fill a number of different positions. Another way to find high caliber employees is to look at the compensation scales offered by the staffing service. Officially, the employee will be working for the staffing firm who will determine the pay rate and benefits packages.

3. What approach does the service use to present you with candidates?

High quality staffing services can be both quality or quantity based. The quality approach involves recruitment staff spending an ample amount of time narrowing down selections to a few candidates who are most likely to suit the position — this approach is preferred by most businesses. Other agencies use the quantity approach where you are sent numerous options. Some businesses prefer this as it provides them with a greater range of choice.

4. What are the agency fees?

Some agencies charge their clients a percentage of the employees’ annual income while others custom staffing servicesuse a set placement fee method. Any quality staffing services will be happy to provide you with an outline of fees, including what these costs cover, before beginning any search for employees.

5. How do you gauge the quality and reputation of the agency?

Before deciding to hire any agency, you should check out references and testimonials from previous clients. Additionally I would ask about their recruiting process and how it goes about attracting and identifying the right candidates. Their approach and process will say a great deal about their caliber.

6. What questions will quality staffing services ask?

You can expect to be asked about the working environment, work hours, experience required for the position, duties and responsibilities, and duration of employment during the first consultation, followup meetings or during regular interactions. Good agencies often ask difficult questions to ensure they really understand exactly what you are looking for and need in a candidate.

What quality do you look for in staffing services?  Post your comment in the box below.

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