Talent As A Service: The New Trend In IT Staffing

Software as a Service, or better known as SaaS, is something that American business owners willit staffing be familiar with, as well as effortless implementation, painless upgrading, and scalability. One of the principal advantages of SaaS is its cost savings. Companies, especially the smaller ones, have started to take on similar techniques when it entails other features of running a thriving business. For this reason, the idea of TaaS – Talent as a Service – has occurred; instead of signing individuals up to permanent contracts, entrepreneurs or business owners are appointing employees as and when they are required.

What is Talent as a Service?

TaaS is the concept of being able to readily obtain a resource when you are ready. Last year, approximately 54% of companies and organizations with less than a dozen employees appointed a contractor. Given the size of the company, its resources are rather restricted, thus they are unable to utilize conventional recruiting avenues because of the specific fees and markups.

With TaaS platforms, such as Elance and Odesk, Project and Hiring Managers can visit the site and are able to browse through a list of profiles and data to choose the best individual for the job. In addition, part of the platforms permits feedback, time tracking, and payment. Freelancer and other similar sites are less hourly-based and more task-based; nevertheless they still have the same functionality.

TaaS Makes Sense for Small Businessesit stafffing services

Talent as a Service makes a lot of sense for small business owners when they consider hiring short-term employees to attend to additional workload, particularly during peak seasons, and at the same time, keep a company lean when there are ditches. While this is not precisely a new trend in itself, it is certainly something that is far more widespread among all business types, mainly the ones who do not want to spend anything on the costs necessitated to run a virtual office or for required office space (as contractors are able to conduct their tasks remotely).

As the trend is growing, even big companies are adopting it, as they have many talents to choose from. Even so, it can be relatively difficult to choose the best candidate unless you focus solely on the ones that stand out among all the others. If you are looking at hiring a candidate to work on your IT applications, then you should choose one who have successfully grasped or want to learn new skills in order to become better than he already is at doing his job.

Using TaaS will certainly be beneficial to your company and help you and your company in a big way, especially if you want to save on certain ever increasing costs.


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