Supply vs. Demand Making Competition For Tech Employees Fierce

Nowadays, hiring managers are having a tough time searching for tech talent, because it talent compared to the supply on offer. A website called Dice has recently carried out a survey and according to its results there are over 8,000 tech jobs that are available, and New York City is the most difficult location to recruit IT graduates. In second place is San Francisco with approximately 4,500 IT job vacancies that still need to be filled.

Tech Employees are in High Demand

However, recruiting tech employees are no longer a duel between Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley enterprises. Tech employees are in high demand in numerous cities across the United States. Competition has definitely become fiercer than ever before, as it has never been easy to begin with. For all startup CEOS, this news is rather difficult, because the big gap flanked by supply and demand usually means that they will be paying higher wages to influence top IT staffers, engineers, and coders to work for their enterprise.

One of the reasons why competition is getting tougher is that enterprises across all fields are looking to add or are searching for tech-savvy employees in business, sales, and marketing analysis positions. Simultaneously, the number of IT graduates is not enough, and that is unquestionably adding more pressure from a hiring perspective.

Finding IT Employees through Recruitment Agencies

A large number of IT companies are still hiring the conventional way – publishing their vacancies via newspapers and online boards, and interviewing candidates all on their own. At times, this can backfire, as employers do not necessarily know which method is the best to use when trying to reach out to prospects. If you are looking to hire the best IT talent in the industry, it is advisable that you consider hiring a recruitment agency specializing in tech talent.

  • Create detailed job descriptions

With the help of an IT recruiter, you can create a detailed job description for all IT positions that are available in your company. Carefully draft the job descriptions and include precise personal traits that you want in potential applicants.

  • Draft IT advertisementsit staffing solutions

Recruiters can help draft your IT advertisements and describe positions, educational background, and qualifications necessitated in order to apply for a particular vacancy. To appoint the best people in the IT industry, a meticulously drafted advertisement is important.

  • Post IT advertisements

To reach out to IT graduates and individuals with sufficient experiences and qualifications in the tech field, the IT recruiter will post the advertisements via his company’s website. Although the Worldwide Web has become very popular, IT recruiters do not neglect using more conventional ways.

  • Screen candidates thoroughly

IT recruiters will thoroughly screen all candidates before presenting them to you. When the applicants arrive, you know you are interviewing highly-qualified individuals.

Keep in mind that IT recruitment agents are the first group of people to know when there is enough supply offered in the IT field.


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