“Star Employee” Spotlight – Regina Mosley – Senior IT Project Manager

Regina Mosley started with Spearhead Staffing in October, 2011 for a global Pharmaceutical client, and has almost 20 years of IT experience and over 10 years of IT Project Management experience.  Regina is known amongst her peers for her professionalism, pragmatic approach to challenges and proven ability to deliver.

During her time with Spearhead, Regina has been working on the Global Infrastructure program designed to transform and migrate application systems from legacy data centers to Next Generation Data Center (NGDC) using an Application Migration Transformation Factory (AMTF) model.  Any applications identified as no longer being used were retired under the program creating an impact to the business by contributing to over $23M USD in cost savings/avoidance within an anticipated ROI between two to seven years.

image: cdnet.com

Regina’s role on the project was to work with the IS organizations across the globe to assess and confirm scope of work for the AMTF team.  She led weekly project team meetings with both internal and third-party AMTF team members to mitigate project issues and risks and closure of identified action items.  Regina also led weekly Governance Team meetings designed to provide overall project status to project stakeholders.  This diverse project team included members and stakeholders from a number of different company organizations such as R&D, Manufacturing and Global Infrastructure Services.

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As with any complex project, this one had its share of challenges, the largest of which was the sheer volume of infrastructure residing in each of the data centers.  Due to the company having gone through a number of mergers and acquisitions over several years, some systems lacked clear ownership.  Often when application owners left the company and systems were inherited by others there was a lack of knowledge transfer or sometimes no one was designated as the new owner.  This ownership gap created difficulty in completing business requirements and technical documentation adding delays and re-work to the migration schedule.

A key learning implemented in the project was to establish a transformation assessment review held for systems that were running on non-standard hardware.  Through this assessment, technical subject-matter experts identified ways to migrate complex and critical applications into the NGDC resulting in a higher success rate that than anticipated.

The project is scheduled to conclude this year and has exceeded its key performance indicator (KPI) objectives year over year.  The work conducted by the program unearthed a large number of additional projects being kicked off next year in order to protect the program’s overall scope.  Regina, on behalf of Spearhead Staffing, will be continuing with our client in 2016 and leading a handful of these offshoot projects.


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