Should I Leave My Job?

Inevitably, after several years of working at a job, we all seem to get to the point where our current company just doesn’t provide us the satisfaction and opportunity we need.  In the beginning, it seemed liked the right place and position, however time has taken its course and you consider exploring new options.  You think to yourself that your pay is good and you like the people you work with, so why is now the time for me to contemplate a move? 

Upon finding yourself in this dilemma there are a handful of important questions to ask yourself to help determine whether it’s your company or if it’s just you.


  1. Do I still fit into the Corporate Culture? It is no secret that each company’s culture is not for everyone. There might be instances when you feel that your interests and morals are misaligned with that of your co-workers, manager or the overall company.  If you find yourself often confronted with situations creating ethical or philosophical differences it may be time to start exploring options.  Individuals around you may change, but changing a company culture is extremely hard to do.
  2. Do I consistently feel stressed? Work can be stressful when you are approaching deadlines or during your industries busy season, but this shouldn’t be the norm.  Either the work you do or the people you work with can be a source of stress impacting your mental and physical health.  As the saying goes, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”  Working at the wrong place or with the wrong people will eventually bleed outside of your professional life and impact your most meaningful relationships with friends and family.Quit My Job!
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  3. Am I still learning? Another common reason for job dissatisfaction among employees is that they feel their professional development has come to a halt.  This could be caused by their role is not stretching them, they are not being taught or exposed to new skills or simply that their company does not offer training and development.  It is important for all of us that we continue to grow and develop either our core skills or emerging skills so that we don’t become obsolete in the workforce.
  4. Are there better opportunities for me? As it often happens, you become “comfortable” in your current job, focused on just making end meets and the latest with the family and kids.  Multiple years have passed and you’ve lost touch with the job market.  It is always a good idea to keep your resume and professional network up to date and explore any options that may come your way.  As most HR professionals agree, passive job seekers tend to be the best hires due to having more experience, valuable skills, and a commitment to their careers.

If you have decided that now is the right time for you to make a move, or just want to start making contacts to explore options, we can help IT professional that would benefit by speaking with an IT Staffing and Recruiting expert.  Spearhead Staffing can give you an initial consultation and educate you on the current job market conditions as well as provide you with resume writing assistance and company research.


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