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RN – Registered Nurse
Seattle, WA

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Direct Hire

$37 - $46

RN- Registered Nurse – SIGN ON BONUS:
  • Sign On Bonus – $3000 – $20,000 sign on bonus with 2 year agreement for 1 year experience. Bonus amount based on department of service.
  • Location: Seattle, WA area
Registered Nurse openings in:
  • Medical-Surgical – Med Surg
  • Emergency Department – ED
  • Operation Room – OR
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Intensive Care Unit – ICU
  • Critical Care
  • Oncology
  • Behavioral Health
  • Acute Rehab
  • Vascular
  • Direct Hire
  • Permanent
Sign-on Bonus offering $20k for RNs in ED, OR, PACU, Critical Care/CV, Labor & Delivery, Oncology, Acute Rehab, Med Surg and Behavioral Health. $10k available for RN other specialties, $3000 for Case Manager, and $5000 for New Grad Residency.
Competitive Compensation, based on grade level and years of experience. 
$37 – $46 for grade 1, based on department and years of service with increases yearly to a higher grade level.
All departments have RN evening, night, standby, holiday, charge, preceptor pay, weekend premium shift differential pay.
Schedule & Shift Options offering varying schedule and shift options to fit your life.

Relocation Bonus provides a lump sum to help with relocation costs. Up to $10k for candidates 1500+ miles away or $5k for candidates between 100 to 1500 miles.

$20k Student Loan Forgiveness- student loan forgiveness program helps eligible RNs pay off up to $4k per year in college-related debt for up to 5 years.
Tuition Reimbursement & Continuing Education – Tuition Reimbursement program can help you pay for a degree. Many of the positions also have continuing education funds for classes or certifications.
Training & Growth Opportunities – They have been recognized as one of the best learning organizations in the world for their Institute for Learning and Development.  They offer employees extensive education, training, and leadership development opportunities.
Health Care Coverage – They offer full health care coverage including medical, dental, vision and life.
Benefits may vary based on the region where you work, your position and FTE.
RN Educational Loan Repayment Program – If you qualify, they will repay up to $20,000 of your school loans. 
Under the program, they will make monthly payments of up to $4,000 per year to your educational loan lender(s). These payments will be made for up to 5 years. The first monthly payment is made one year after you are approved for the program. 
To be eligible for the program, you must meet these requirements: 
• Work in a position that requires an RN license. 
• Have completed a qualifying degree. 
• Have a loan (or loans) associated with a qualifying nursing degree
• Maintain a 0.75 FTE or higher 
• Maintain acceptable performance (i.e. no Progressive Guidance or Performance Improvement Plans). 
• Associate degree in Nursing 
• Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing 
• Master’s Degree in Nursing 
• Doctor of Nursing Practice 
RN Residents are eligible if they meet the program requirements.
 After each payment, the program administrator will report the payment. Taxes will then be withheld from your next paycheck. They chose to make monthly payments rather than annual payments to help spread the tax withholding throughout the year. Important note: You will need to continue to make your minimum monthly payments. The payments they make on your behalf are intended to be in addition to your normal minimum monthly payment and will help pay off your loan more quickly.
If you reduce your FTE below 0.75 (30 regularly scheduled hours per week) before payments begin, you will be ineligible to continue in the program. 
If your FTE drops below 0.75 after loan payments start, your payments will be “paused” until your FTE returns to 0.75 FTE or higher. When you return to a qualifying FTE, loan payments will resume (assuming other requirements are met.) You will not have to start over with another 12- month waiting period. 
If your loan payments have already started, they will be “paused” until you return to an eligible FTE. If you take a leave during the “waiting period”, the waiting period will be extended by the length of your leave. 
The loan must be in your name to be eligible. 
You can obtain a program application in the Employee Resource Center. Shortly before the first loan payment is made on your behalf, you will be asked to enter your loan information into the online portal.
The relocation standard for full-time employees with less than 100 miles is $2000, 100 to 1500 miles is $5000, and 1500 plus miles is $10,000.
Come join a great health network that prides itself in the shared values of respect, integrity, stewardship, excellence, collaboration, kindness, and joy while reaching your career growth potential.
About the area:
Live in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest in the Seattle, WA area. It is the perfect home for hikers, ocean lovers, coffee fanatics, foodies, and overall life-enthusiasts. Close to many colleges and universities as well. 

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