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Plant Manager
Earlington, KY

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Direct Hire

$90,000 - $110,000 / yr

                        Plant Manager
     Salary $ 90,000- $110,000 + Generous Quarterly Bonuses -probably around $ 10,000 per 1/4 ; 12% 401 K and flexible Benefit Plan
  Location : West Kentucky[ within 1 hour of Evansville , Indiana

$ 1 Billion National-Heavy manufacturing Corporation of West Kentucky is seeking a Plant Manager in the Earlington, KY area within 1 hour of Evansville ,Indiana . This is a high-level managerial position where the employee is responsible for organizing, directing, controlling, evaluating, and implementing through a functional management team the production operations in the manufacture of metal rood support products for the mining and tunneling industries to ensure adherence to customer specifications and ASTM-F432 (USA) standards.



  • High School Diploma Required; College/University Engineering Degree, Preferred
  • Minimum Five (5) Years Supervisory/Managerial Experience Required; or Equivalent Combination of Education and Experience
  • Forging/Stamping Experience Preferred
  • ISO 9001 Experience, A Plus



  • Possess proficient ability to understand instructions and underlying principles of production operations to reason and make judgments to meet deadlines in a high-volume production environment
  • Possess proficient organizational skills to develop/implement production schedules to maintain adequate inventory of raw materials and finished products to meet customer demand
  • Possess proficient ability to develop/implement quality/safety procedures and guidelines during all phases of production operations
  • Possess proficient verbal/written communication skills to present information or ideas clearly to personnel at all levels of production operations and senior management
  • Possess proficient information gathering and monitoring skills to facilitate effective, unbiased decision making and problem-solving functions
  • Possess proficient mathematical ability to manage production budgets
  • Possess fundamental computer literacy with knowledge of management software
  • Possess dependability to be consistently at work and on time
  • Possess a “Team” mentality with ability to lead people and get results through others
  • Possess near/far vision and upper limb coordination with light/medium (5-20 lbs.) lifting capability during normal phase duties
  • Possess ability to sit or stand as needed


·        Plans, organizes, directs, controls, and evaluates the plant production operations industries to ensure adherence to customer specifications and ASTM-F432 (USA) standards in the manufacture of steel strata control products.

  • Develop, implement and monitor procedures to cost-effectively use materials, labor, and equipment to meet production demands.
  • Develops and coordinates production schedules to maintain a sufficient inventory of raw materials and finished products to meet customer demand.
  • Develops and monitors production processes with strict adherence to quality/safety inspection reporting and procedures to facilitate adherence to ASTM-F432 (USA) and ISO 9001 standards.
  • Coordinates and monitors machine and equipment maintenance schedules and procedures to facilitate a cost-effective production process.
  • Hires and monitors training of employees in use of machines/equipment and steel processing procedures.
  • Attends corporate training sessions to acquire innovative procedures to maintain competitive edge in production operations.
  • Perform other duties and tasks as assigned by senior management.

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