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Ground Control Management Software Engineer
Oklahoma City, OK

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$90,000 - $130,000 / yr

Job Description
Design, develop, and test the Control Management System (CMS) inside the Ground Control System (GCS)  Unmanned Air System (UAS)
The CMS is a real-time mission planning system to enable an operator to create new flight plans for the aircraft based on changes in tasking or adapt to changes in the
Define the CMS requirements, software architecture, component breakdown, and interfaces
Create a real-time mission planning workflow and identify all required algorithms and mission planning tools
Write code for the control management system including a GUI showing the aircraft and flight path on a 3D Moving Map with multiple layers of data
Write code to interface with outside data sources and display on the moving map (e.g. wind/weather, tasking, map data, terrain data, airspace data, etc.)
Write code to enable an operator to optimize the flight path of the aircraft based on real-time onboard data feeds and external data feeds
Write code to simulate aircraft 6-DOF flight performance
Write code for various tools to support mission planning of aircraft flight operations
Write code to interface with the air-vehicle command and control (AVC2) terminal to capture real-time telemetry from the aircraft and upload new flight plans.
Develop a test, verification, and validation environment
Required Qualifications
Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in Engineering or Computer Science
Experience developing ground control system software for unmanned aircraft
Strong coding skills. Must be proficient in writing code for aerospace applications (this job requires you to write code and review/approve the code of others)
Experience with aircraft flight planning
Knowledge of aircraft flight dynamics
Knowledge of aircraft command and control functions and HMI display requirements
Experience developing tools on top of COTS 3D moving maps (e.g. Worldwind, Cesium)
Demonstrated history across all aspects of the systems engineering process: requirements development, design, development, integration, test, verification, and validation
Preferred Qualifications
Experience writing code for aircraft flight path optimization
Experience writing code for aircraft 6-DOF flight simulation
Background supporting UAV flight tests
Experience with UAS mission requirements and CONOPS
Experience with weather/wind forecast models
Experience with typical UAV sensors (e.g. EOIR, Radar)
Experience with UAV communications equipment including Satcom
Preferred Tools / Process Experience
C#, .Net, C++, SCADE, Matlab/Simulink

Team Center
Search Keywords
Software Engineer
Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV)
Unmanned Air System (UAS)
Ground Control System (GCS)

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