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Everett, WA

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$150,000 - $170,000 / yr

We are digging for a Geologist to fill a critical role in Everett Washington.
Geologist Job Description:
• Studying the composition, structure, and history of the earth’s crust and the processes that 
affect it. 
• Examining rocks, minerals, and fossils to identify and locate mineral and petroleum deposits 
and underground water resources.
• Preparing and reading geological maps and reports and interpreting research data.
• Measuring seismic, volcanic, electromagnetic and gravitational activities.
• Providing geological assessments and advice to government construction companies.
• Managing and overseeing contractors and their work. 
• Staying current with the latest geological theories and principles. 
• Carrying out field sampling and analysis using standard geological techniques. 
Geologist Responsibilities:
• Plan geology projects (e.g. oil extraction, water pipe construction) and field sampling events.
• Survey sites and create logs (e.g. borehole) and maps using GIS.
• Gather and analyze geological data.
• Coordinate research programs.
• Examine the composition of samples and specimens.
• Measure and test fossils, rocks, soil, ores and other material with the proper instruments (e.g. 
• Write reports on findings.
• Conduct quality control on the suitability of material (e.g. metals for construction purposes) 
and inspect projects.
• Study sites for developments, formations, hazards, and composition.
• Investigate and evaluate natural resource deposits (e.g. oil).
• Consult on various geology-related issues like waste management, resource management, gas 
extraction techniques and more.
• Ensure environmental and other regulations are met in construction and production projects 
(e.g. oil wells).
Requirements and Skills:
• Proven experience as a geologist.
• Experience with various geological techniques like mining, boring and numerical modelling.
• Experience using geology software (e.g. ArcGIS, Rockware) and other data and modelling tools 
(e.g. Adobe Illustrator, GoCAD).
• Familiarity with environmental regulations.
• Good knowledge of the attributes of ores, soil, minerals and other materials.
• Ability to handle and analyze data and 3D models.
• An analytical mind.
• Attention to detail.
• Great communication skills (oral and written).
• Organizational and teamwork ability.
• Degree in Geology or Geoscience

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