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Field Service Technician ^
Atlanta, GA

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Direct Hire

$60,000 - $78,000 / yr

Job Description

Position Title:       Field Service Technician   – Printing and finishing equipment – Wide Web flexographic presses, gravure presses, stamp and roll die cutters like Bobst, folder gluers for packaging and cartons and associated equipment.

Department:         Field Service 

Position Summary

This FST provides repair, installation, troubleshooting, customer education and general support for machinery installed at customer facilities throughout North America.  The Field Service Technician possesses a strong background in the principals of basic mechanical and/or electrical systems.  He/she thinks logically and enjoys solving problems with creativity, diligence and achievement.

The Field Service Technician is technically proficient in the skills necessary to install, repair and train customers on machinery.  Just as important, the Field Service Technician is attentive to the after-service paperwork necessary to update technical specialists as well as establish proper billing, credits and reimbursements for travel-related expenses.  This is a key expectation of the job.  

The FST follows company procedure.  As a professional, he/she is expected to communicate promptly with the appropriate Scheduler, Regional Service Manager his/her Supervisor when unexpected situation or new information threatens the success of a service project. 

This is a full-time job and requires significant overtime due to the importance of completing service projects in a timely manner to meet the travel schedule as well as the customer’s expectation of getting the machine back ASAP.  Hours are varied to best suit the customer’s needs.

Main Responsibilities

Machine Service & Training

Includes the repair and installation of new machines; relocation of existing equipment, customer training; preventive maintenance, Productivity Improvement Programs (PIPs); ordering parts necessary to perform installations and repair; troubleshoot mechanical and/or electrical problems and proactively recommend the necessary service and maintenance programs.


1.     Make contact with plant manager or key decision maker.

2.     Access problem; troubleshoot.

3.     Repairs machine and/or order parts.

4.     Observes machine in production to confirm repair

5.     Holds job completion meeting with customer before departure.

Installations – Mechanic

1.     Supervise and assist rigging contractor.

2.     Install and assemble  equipment.

3.     Setup equipment and perform mechanical checks.

4.     Test all functions to ensure specifications are met.

Installations – Electrician

1.     Reconnect all wireways and cabling.

2.     Set up equipment and perform all electrical checks.

3.     Test all functions to ensure specifications are met.

Preventive Maintenance

1.     Survey machine.

2.     List repairs in order of urgency (immediate, within X weeks, next PM).

3.     Inspect all parts, list in terms of urgency (immediate, within X weeks, next PM).

4.     Holds job completion meeting with customer before departure

Complete Documentation (Performance Value)

Submit field service, installation, job reports, expense and technical reports on a weekly basis.  Ensure that all reports are clearly written and complete.   The FST is expected to arrange timely payment of reimbursed expenses and/or communicate with American Express to ensure payment expectations are agreed upon with the vendor. 

Effective Communication (Performance Value)

The FST takes 100% responsibility for managing assignment at the customer location. 

Successful Project Management  (Performance Value)

Contacts Scheduler or Regional Service Manager for assistance;

Technical Problem Solving (Performance Value)

The FST exhibits patience in front of customer and takes responsibility for solving the problem.

Professional Attitude (Performance Value)

The FST is dependable and respectful.  He/she displays confidence, good cheer and wears a clean, authorized uniform. 

Positive Work Ethic (Performance Value)

Consistently works hard and is results oriented.  Operates with a sense of urgency. 

Willingness to Grow (Performance Value)

Take the initiative to maintain and upgrade skills on machine expertise, particularly with developing technology;

Key Daily Tasks

·         Contact Scheduler with arrival time if outside of expected window.

·         Contact Scheduler if unexpected problems occur in scope of work or expected completion date.

·         Contact Regional Service Manager, Technical Services or Parts if assistance is needed.

·         Review work description with the customer, determine priorities and agree on a work plan.

·         Make recommended changes in process, parts inventory, training and related repairs.

·         Complete and submit expense reports and timesheets within the expected timeframe.

·         Conduct Job Completion Meeting.  Agree on warranty status and ensure timesheet is signed.

·         Ensure that company-supplied equipment (cell phone, laptop, toolbox, manuals, uniform, etc.) are properly maintained and fully operational

·         Develop and submit clearly written, accurate and complete job, installation and technical reports.

Education and Experience


Undergraduate degree or technical school graduate is preferred.


External Candidates: Minimum of 2 years of related technical experience, in a similar role, within the printing and converting equipment industry.   Candidates are required to have acceptable levels of mechanical and/or electrical operating machine experience within the converting industry. 

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