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Digital Marketing Director
Charleston, SC

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Direct Hire

• Manage paid marketing channels (Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads)
o Optimize campaign structure and strategy to drive conversions and ROI
▪ Design and execute experiments to test paid strategies
o Build new campaigns for product lines, applications, and marketing channels where company isn’t currently using paid marketing
• Lead content creation process
o Work with internal and external resources to create technical content that informs and engages customers to drive lead generation, as well as builds customer trust to drive conversion
▪ Targeted landing pages built around specific applications and customer personas
▪ Testimonials and case studies highlighting successful projects
▪ Informative blog and video content to help with troubleshooting
• Manage all aspects of company website with a focus on SEO, U/X, and brand consistency
o Identify opportunities to improve website U/X and leverage external resources, where appropriate, to execute more technically intensive website initiatives
o Work with Owner/CEO and third parties to refine company brand identity and ensure consistency across various marketing initiatives and customer touchpoints
• Establish and track KPIs, improve and automate attribution models, and provide actionable marketing insights to management
o Establish key marketing metrics related to website and lead generation performance
o Improve and automate attribution process to improve quality of data related to KPIs
o Review KPIs with company management and provide actionable insights related to marketing strategy, budget allocation, and broader potential opportunities around product/market
Required Experience
• Well-rounded background in inbound and digital marketing
o Experience working with paid ad platforms including Google, Bing, and Linkedin
▪ Tactical experience running campaigns within these platforms including developing, testing, implementing, and measuring performance of different strategies
o SEO Experience
▪ Understanding of core SEO concepts and how they apply to technical B2B industries
▪ Tactical experience using SEO tools including Google Analytics and other 3rd party SEO tools to glean actionable marketing insights
o WordPress Experience
▪ Candidate is not expected to have dev experience – however, it is expected that candidate has experience working within an already developed WordPress site
o Understanding of website design and U/X principles
• Strong communication, project management skills, and professional maturity
o Ability to effectively engage internal resources (i.e., technical experts within company), along with external resources (e.g., freelancers with specific skillsets) to drive effective project outcomes
o Ability to communicate with company leadership to properly prioritize projects and establish logical “check points” within the context of project execution
• Strong intellectual curiosity, strategic vision, and entrepreneurial spirit
o Experience working in highly autonomous role, ideally in a small company
▪ Ability to prioritize initiatives using experimentation and strategic frameworks
▪ Professional maturity to understand when/how to leverage internal and external resources
o Interest in learning company’s technical/niche products, building expertise over time
o Interest in taking on additional roles/responsibilities within a small company over time
▪ Takes advantage of unique opportunity to grow quickly in small company – looks for opportunities for personal growth and to support overall company growth
• Candidate has [5-10] years experience in marketing / digital marketing roles, preferably in a technical industry, and can execute marketing initiatives relative to technical products prior to having product expertise
o Ideal candidate has either agency experience (with proven experience working “in the weeds” with technical companies); OR
o Experience within a technical company’s marketing department
o Experience working in the industrial sector is preferred, but not required
• Candidate has ties to, or demonstrated interest in, Charleston, SC
o While we are a small company with a flexible approach to where/how work is done, candidate will need to live in Charleston, SC and work a standard office schedule in the short to medium term in order to be successful

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