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Construction Senior Production Manager
Knoxville, TN

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Direct Hire

$90,000 - $100,000 / yr

The Senior Production Manager’s job is arguably the most critical responsibility in the
Branch & possibly the organization.
You are in daily contact with our customers and our customers are the reason for the company’s existence. In the field, there is little room for error. Money, materials, and labor must be carefully controlled.
This person will direct construction operations for approximately 30-40 new homes under construction at one time (all in various locations around the city). So, logistical planning, management ability, customer service and leadership are paramount to this position – not just the ability to build a house. 
Whether you are the president of the company or a few management layers away from the corporate office- your two primary goals are to: 
The profit of a construction company is quite easy to determine – simply figure the difference
between the sales price and the cost of each house.
Obviously, SPM’s ordinarily have extremely limited control over the ultimate sales price of the homes they build.
However, you exercise the greatest influence of anyone over company profits through controlling the cost of construction.
Through conscientious attention to detail and intelligent labor and material decisions, you can significantly influence the final cost of the home and resulting profit.
As a SPM / Production Manager, your key to success is motivating your Supt/Project Managers, workers,
trade partners, and vendors to bring in every project:
  • On Time
  • At or under budget
  • According to established quality standards
Just about every decision you make as a SPM should be made in keeping with these three basic
responsibilities. Of course, some aspects of your job may be aimed toward the achievement of
goals that fail to fall directly under one of these three, such as safety or legal issues.
The SPM as a Leader
As a key member of a builder’s management team, you must also add leadership to your list of
LCM’s responsibilities. Leadership is the ability to work with and get things done through
others, while winning their respect, confidence, loyalty, and cooperation. Your leadership in the
field will be critical to the overall success of each home you build and a major contributor to the
happiness and satisfaction of our customers.
The SPM as a Manager
Many of their SPM’s came up through the trades as carpenters or other tradesmen. Their success
was predicated on their ability to work hard and do a good job. That is what got you where you
are today.
However, when you became a SPM , you become a manger of managers. You put aside your tool
belt and carpenter tools and picked up management tools, a computer, schedules, quality
checklists and your smart phone or tablet.
Your success now is predicated primarily on how well you can delegate responsibilities and motivate others (Project Managers, Trade Partners, suppliers, inspectors, vendors, etc.) to perform. You are a manager; and moreover,
a leader! Your performance will be measured based on your ability to plan, organize, direct,
control, execute and motivate. The net result of superior management is superior performance of
those whom you manage.
Compensation & Benefits:
  • 401K
  • Competitive salary ($100k+ potential DOE) + Bonus Per House Overrides 
  • Health insurance benefits offered
  • Vehicle allowance @ $1000/month
  • Local region only (no overnight travel)
  • Cell phone allowance @ $75/month
  • Vacation and holidays paid.

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