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AR Manager
Walnut Creek, CA

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Direct Hire

$80,000 - $100,000 / yr

AR Manager

As an AR Manager within the construction industry, your core responsibility will be to oversee the accounts receivable processes ensuring that lien releases are managed efficiently and effectively. This pivotal role commands skill in liaising with contractors, clients, and other stakeholders to secure timely payments while maintaining trust and professionalism. With acute attention to detail and a keen understanding of construction-related financial procedures, the right candidate will adeptly navigate the complexities of construction finance, ensuring that cash flow is optimized and that our contractual obligations are met with precision. Your leadership will be cornerstone in underpinning the financial health of our projects, and by extension, our company’s success.

Managing Lien Releases

A vital aspect of an AR Manager’s role is to oversee and manage the process of lien releases. In construction, a lien release (also known as a lien waiver) is a written contract between contractors and subcontractors that waives their right to place a lien on the property for any outstanding debts. This document serves as protection for both parties and is an essential part of the payment process in construction projects. As an AR Manager, you will be responsible for ensuring that all lien releases are accurately completed and collected from contractors to avoid any potential legal disputes.

Understanding Construction Finance

In addition to managing lien releases, a thorough understanding of construction finance is crucial for an AR Manager. This includes knowledge of project billing cycles, payment terms, and other financial procedures specific to the industry. With this understanding, you can confidently communicate with contractors and clients about payments, address any potential issues or disputes, and ensure that cash flow is maintained throughout the project.

Building Relationships with Contractors

As an AR Manager, building strong relationships with our contractors is essential for securing timely payments and maintaining trust. This requires excellent communication skills, a professional demeanor, and the ability to navigate potentially difficult conversations. By fostering positive relationships with our contractors, you can ensure that payments are received promptly, and any potential issues or disputes can be addressed and resolved efficiently.

The Importance of Cash Flow

Cash flow is critical in any business, but particularly in the construction industry where projects often require significant upfront costs. As an AR Manager, you will play a crucial role in managing cash flow by ensuring that payments are received on time and accurately tracking and forecasting cash flow. This helps to maintain the financial health of our projects and allows us to make strategic decisions about future projects.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as an AR Manager within the construction industry, your skills in managing lien releases, understanding construction finance, building relationships with contractors, and maintaining cash flow are essential for the success of our company. With your expertise and leadership, we can ensure that our projects are financially sound, payments are received promptly, and trust is maintained with our stakeholders. If you have a strong attention to detail and a passion for both construction and finance, we encourage you to apply for this challenging and rewarding role. So, don’t wait any longer – apply now and become an integral part of our construction team!

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