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Accounting & Tax Manager
Greenfield, WI

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Direct Hire

Title: Accounting Manager

Location: Greenfield, WI

Compensation: up to $85k



Our valued client, a reputable accounting company, is currently in search of a capable and proactive Accounting Manager. In this position, you’ll have the chance to manage 60-80 clients, bookkeepers and new clients as well as referrals.


Taking on the role of Accounting Manager, you will encompass a deep understanding of managing accounting and taxes for clients. Your responsibilities will also allow you to own your clients.


The Perks:

Beyond an attractive salary (up to $85k) you will enjoy comprehensive full benefits.




  1. To be COMPLETELY responsible for all TAX matters in a section of 60 – 80+ clients in a dedicated and professional manner as if you were the owner of the accounting firm. Remember, managing your section is like managing an accounting firm within an accounting firm.
  2. Prepare tax returns, both business and personal, for clients.
  3. Maintain a control log of production details.
  4. Maintain a log of time spent vs. fees collected.
  5. Process the 13th month for each client.
  6. Assign and coordinate with tax preparers if applicable.
  7. Make contact in November and December, or final two months of fiscal year (either through meetings or telephone conferences) with ALL clients to finalize any tax planning. This ensures that clients do not have any surprises and/or penalties. If they are surprised at the end of the year by large tax bills, the chances of losing their business are greatly increased. (See THE MANAGER’S MANUAL of The Blueprint for Success Series for a complete description of tax planning.)

Review EACH month:

  1. If the client is taking a reasonable salary
  2. Net income of the company vs. distributions taken
  3. Discussions throughout the year to make the final tax planning easy

Maintain and control quarterly tax estimates throughout the year for business and personal tax returns.

  1. Review and distribute final returns to clients.
  2. Handle client tax questions.
  3. Handle any correspondence from taxing authorities.


Other duties


  1. Attend regular meetings with the owner to review production, new client status, profitability on accounts, client problems, staff problems, etc.
  2. Be familiar with software updates and conversions.
  3. Attend yearly corporate and individual tax seminars.
  4. Stay up to date on Tax & Accounting Training & Current Issues.
  5. To manage special projects as assigned
  6. Install, train and support any accountant-provided software for clients.
  7. Handle cash flow projections.
  8. Manage loan applications.
  9. Prepare corporate tax returns for year-end only clients as assigned.
  10. Prepare individual tax returns for non-monthly clients as assigned.


In office


  1. Dress and act professionally. The staff looks up to you and will emulate your behavior. If you dress sloppy, so will they; if you don’t act professionally toward each other and clients, neither will they. You set the example!
  2. Maintain a neat, clean and organized office space.
  3. Leave your desk clean and organized at the end of each day.
  4. Arrive on time to the office and to client appointments.
  5. Help make the office a smooth-running and positive place to work.
  6. Think of ways to improve office efficiency.
  7. Create a positive and fun office environment.
  8. Participate in extracurricular activities, such as birthday or holiday parties, either during or after office hours.
  9. Any other duties as assigned by the owner






  • Follow company procedures and systems. Maintain independence as to our relationship with our clients and discuss any of these issues or questions with the owner of the firm.


  • Supervise and assist the bookkeeper with your monthly clients.


  • Review monthly financial statements for your section before forwarding to client.


  • Dress and act professionally, especially when dealing with the public.


  • Maintain a neat, clean and organized office space.


  • Arrive on time to the office and to client appointments.


  • Handle new-client installations and back-work.


  • Provide your clients with the proper consulting and tax planning as their needs dictate.


  • Manage tax preparations for the businesses and personals in your section as well as for any year-end only clients that are assigned to you.


  • Maintain organized income tax files.


  • ASK FOR REFERRALS – Practice growth comes from the client’s willingness to give us referrals, but we need to ask for them! You need to replace any “drops” in your section with the referrals you have brought in.


  • Give prompt attention to any additional projects/taxes delegated to you.


  • Provide computer support to clients when needed.


  • Offer training to client employees when needed.


  • Take a leading role in expanding additional firm services to our clients.


  • Help make the office a smooth-running and positive place to work.

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