How To Truly Measure Experience When Hiring Tech Talent?

You are looking to hire someone to fill an IT management position. You have prudently defined the skills and work experience required to succeed in the detailed headship position for which your company is appointing, and you have written a precise job description. Nonetheless, you are not certain how the potential employee will fit in with your company’s culture.

The following ways may help you evaluate a candidate’s cultural fit:

Evaluate your corporation’s culture

Before you consider hiring the right person for your corporation, it is essential for you fully to understand your own company’s work style and culture. Various ways exist to evaluate your company’s current culture accurately, ranging from merely sitting down and going through the list of individuals who have accomplished a lot in your company to directing a wide-ranging organizational evaluation and audit.

Some companies hired a number of consultants to conduct an interview with their employees to find out what made them become successful in the organization, and distilled all the responses down to the five most commonly cited attributes. If you are considering the aforementioned way to evaluate your company’s culture, you may want to consider asking the following questions:

  • How do employees get their work done – independently or collaboratively? Or is it a combination of both?
  • How do employees communicate with one another – in written form or verbally? Is the communication executed indirectly or directly?
  • How does the staff make decisions – authoritatively or consensus-driven?
  • What are the corporation’s meetings like – loosely or tightly structured? Serious or lighthearted?

Define the requirements needed in the IT position (beyond solely the job description)

Even the most judiciously crafted job description is unable to capture every facet of what the actual job will involve in a particular corporation. Additionally, a person’s approach to communications and work style can substantially influence how a particular job is conducted. As the hiring manager, you should have a clear understanding of what you are searching for in your tech talent, beyond the skills that you described.

Keep in mind that although your objective is to hire a prospect that fits perfectly well within your company culture, it does not mean that you should look out for a person who is a cookie-cutter image of the entire management team. It is vital to balance the search with experiences, working styles, and ideas.

When interviewing and making a decision, consider asking yourself these following questions:

  • What sorts of work styles and management personalities currently exist in your corporation?
  • What adjectives would you utilize to describe the individuals who have been victorious in your corporation?
  • What sort of decision-making style do you want the new tech talent to have?
  • What sort of leadership style are you looking for – people who will shake things up or promote the status quo within the corporation?

The above mentioned can help you truly to measure the experiences garnered by the candidates that you plan to interview for the current vacancy in your organization.

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