How to Read Through Standard Interview Answers

Employees are the greatest asset of any company or organization – period.  With the increasing complexity and criticality of IT systems in operations, great technical resources are more vital than ever to competitive organizations. To hire a talented workforce, companies have teams and IT staffing and IT recruiting partners who do the hard work of selecting and recruiting the best available talent.  As any IT recruiter will tell you, the candidate moving through the process directly depends on the answers given during the applicant screening.  This makes it paramount that you can see through the haze and cut to the core of each candidate’s talent and motivation.
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If you have ever been laying around the house on a Saturday or Sunday and not feeling well, then you have probably stumbled across some of the dozens of Police dramas on TV.  Maybe you were lucky enough to catch Sam Waterston or ICE-T questioning a “perp.”  When they conduct their interviewing process they create what is called a behavioral baseline.  This process looks to capture their normal speech patterns, gestures and emotions.  Look, I’m not implying that interviewing for a job is as important as testifying in a criminal trial, but we don’t want to make a bad hire and waste money and time on the wrong person.  We can now use this baseline through our interview process to know whether the individual is passionate about the work they are going to be doing or when discussing their current employment.  Often our IT recruiters will ask the candidates about their hobbies or interests and follow up with questions to determine why they are passionate about them.  This lets recruiters know whether the individual is sincere or it may be a red flag depending on their verbal cues.

This technique can also help the IT recruiter detect individuals who are passionate about what they do.  Technicians that see IT as a hobby that they get paid for tend to have a much higher job satisfaction and are eager to continuously enhance their skillset.  Acquiring these types of employees not only helps companies stay on the cutting edge of IT trends, it keeps them one step ahead of their competitors.

Faced with a more savvy and versatile applicant pool, IT staffing companies need to look deeper than just the answers applicants give to their interview questions.  Using a technique like baselining can help determine the difference between the diamond in the rough and the interviewing expert that says all the right things.

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