Gig Workers: A Powerful Resource for Companies in a Technology-Driven World

In today’s economy, the powerful economic force of the independent worker currently serves the needs of companies. Together, these independent, or gig workers as they are more commonly known, have generated roughly $1.28 trillion of revenue for the U.S. economy, an amount equal to about 6.2 percent of U.S. GDP in 2018, according to a report from Hernandon, Virginia-based MBO Partners.

The advances in technology have created opportunities for people to fractionalize their time or resources. This has resulted in career choices for employees who are looking for more independence and flexibility in their work lives. The opportunities for workers of all skill and income ranges are endless: drivers at companies like Uber and Lyft, shoppers at companies like Instacart and highly-skilled workers at companies cross-industry.

A timeframe defined to deliverables

And while tech is largely responsible for advancing gig employment, it’s also an area benefitting from the trend. Thanks to the gig economy, companies can address their operational technology needs on a requirements-based, project-by-project basis. No longer must you and other companies retain staff indefinitely. Instead, you can hire them for a defined time period that typically aligns with project requirements through the completion of an entire project or the completion of components of a project until a deliverable is met.

The cost savings benefit

When it comes to costs, this puts companies in the driver’s seat. You circumvent the on-boarding, benefit and training costs of hiring full-time workers. Plus, at a time when technology advances are occurring at breakneck speed, the use of gig or independent workers means you can acquire workers with the most precisely matched skill to your technology needs at a given time. A contract worker can be up to speed and hands on with the engagement quickly and without a need for training and the time and expense costs associated with it.

Track records that inspire confidence

Typically using a gig worker, doesn’t meet the needs of a longer-term engagement.  The ability to acquire a worker with a known and proven track record with a particular technology skill may also be important. Fulfilling a talent search through a reputable staffing agency gives you the access to information about an employee’s skill level, experience and previous successful engagement prior to making the project-based hire. Hiring “career consultants” who have proven themselves time and again not only boosts the marketability of the candidate but also inspires your confidence as the entity in search of great talent.

Conversion from project work to full

Filling technology staff needs through contract workers also paves the way for you to acquire top talent. Finding resources with specialized, even rare, skill sets well-suited to not only your company but also your industry can be challenging. But when you’re dealing with a high-quality agency and develop a relationship with that agency, you have the opportunity to fully assess whether a placement works before committing to hiring the worker full-time.

At Spearhead Staffing, we’ve seen this happen with several of our placements. In fact, this is particularly prevalent in operational roles which independent workers have specialized industry and platform knowledge. Finding that blend is a real plus for companies in industries with specialized requirements.

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