Filling IT Job Openings: IT Recruiting Agency vs. Do It Yourself

If you’ve had to recruit new hires in IT fields in the last few years, you’re probably aware of how incredibly complex modern computing has become. You need highly-qualified IT staff who are familiar with the latest techniques, and able to handle a huge variety of needs from internal tech support to managing your telecommunications.

Basically, the question boils down to whether you’re going to find IT staff on your own, or whether you’ll hire an IT recruiter to find the staff you need.

DIY Vs Professional IT Staffing – How Do They Stack Up?

  1. Do-It-Yourself

There is one big benefit to doing your own hiring, as opposed to getting a staffing agency to find your IT hires – it’s unarguably the cheaper option since you’re not paying any extra people to help with the job search.

That said, you’re still paying for it in time, if you choose to DIY your next IT hire:

  • Resources available: Unless you have direct contacts with people inside the IT industry, you’re going to have a relatively small pool of options available for hiring, mostly job-search websites and such. The more time you spend looking for resources to list your job in the first place, the longer it’s going to take to find a hire.

  • Candidate quality: Open job postings receive a lot of attention these days, thanks to the easy in which a candidate can throw their hat into the ring.  Unfortunately that creates a gigantic stack of resumes, most of which will be garbage, that you or another worker still have to sort through.

  • Interviews: Once you’ve found your candidates, it’s time for interviews, which take up even more time and usually require fairly high-level supervision. This process is more difficult in IT than in other fields, since it’s so technical. Few HR managers have the free time needed to educate themselves on up-to-date standards and techniques, making effective interviewing a challenge.

  1. Staffing Agencies

The big drawback to staffing agencies is, of course, the cost: It’s often several thousand dollars for a placement. On the other hand, you receive quite a lot for your money:

  • Better resources: Recruiting agencies maintain databases of qualified applicants, and keep them up to date with regular follow-ups and interviews. They also engage in proactive headhunting, finding and keeping tabs on quality workers who would be interested in changing jobs once the right opportunity comes along.

  • Close knowledge of the industry: Staffing experts keep their fingers on the pulse of the IT industry because it’s their job. They keep track of which skills are currently needed, and which are antiquated, giving them the ability to conduct effective interviews that screen out unqualified candidates.

  • Time saved: In many cases, a staffing agency can have pre-qualified applicants on your desk in less than a week, waiting for you to make the final decision. Depending on the urgency of your placement, the time savings alone can make up for the extra costs.

Finally, there’s one more number to consider: $25,000. That’s roughly the average cost of a failed hire. Self-hiring may be the cheaper option at first glance, but all it takes is one hiring error to obliterate those savings.

So, if it’s time for IT hiring, consider letting experts handle your hiring needs. In terms of time saved, and risks avoided, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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