Dangling The Carrot: How To Make Your Company Sexy To New IT Talent

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Catching the eyes of top IT talent in the highly competitive market today is not as easy as it used to be many years back, but it can be accomplished, even with such a huge demand out there. What you need to do is stand out from all the other companies that are chasing the exact same candidates. Your company and what it offers have to appeal to a prominent IT talent.

Enhance Your Appeal to the Best IT Prospects

Your company has to look into the following changes or adjustments if it is going to beat the competition in landing the top IT candidates in the market today:

1.  Make jobs more attractive

Many companies focus most of their efforts on attempting to fit a candidate into a specific position. More success will be achieved when you focus these efforts on making the jobs increasingly attractive to the leading talents. Take a few practical steps to make this happen.

2.  Identify the culture and work environment that would appeal to top candidates

Not all the top IT prospects prefer the exact same work environment and this is because they come from different backgrounds and cultures. Older candidates, usually the ones born after 1945 and before the 70s distrust authority more and they very much believe in their own abilities.

Generation X (born between the late 60s and 1980s), as they are known, has the lowest trust level of authority. They are increasingly more open to certain diversities with reference to race, sexual orientations, religion, and politics.

Generation Y (born between the late 80s and year 2000) grew up during the time of the Internet boom and usually identify with technology the best. These individuals trust authority in general, but are less trustworthy when it comes to individuals. These candidates are often disobedient, disinterested in social acceptance, but are more concerned about self-expression.

Knowing how to identify with each group will help your company to press the correct buttons of each candidate during the crucial interviit staffing agencyew.

3.  Attractive remuneration packages

You will definitely catch the eyes of many top IT candidates if you offer above-average remuneration packages. The industry’s best IT talent know very well that they are in high demand and that leading companies are falling in line to hire them. Many of them can pick and choose where they would enjoy working, but a truly unique remuneration package, which includes more than just money will cause them to sit up and take note of your seriousness to employ them.

4.  Advancement possibilities

Offering strong advancement options to a highly talented IT prospect is ideal if you are very serious about having him or her take up the position. A first-class salary is always appealing, but if it does not include future progress at the company, you will lose most of the best IT candidates.


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