BioPharma Success Cases

Over the last several years, Spearhead has been fortunate enough to source and employ some very talented personnel that have delivered impressive results for our clients. Below are just a couple of highlights from initiatives that had large impacts.

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Gene targeting is a genetic technique that can be used to add or delete a gene, or introduce mutations. The aim is that this technique may become useful in treating human genetic disorders. In theory this technique may create the ability to replace a defective gene with a normal copy of the gene for a patient undergoing treatment.

Spearhead Staffing lead the efforts of both business analysis and software development, creating a Microsoft-based application that is the central resource for information and studies on genes and proteins.  This application is the tool where scientists can quickly find and visualize information.  Additionally the application integrates data from both public and proprietary sources to create a complete real-time knowledgebase.

Philadelphia, PA: Spearhead Staffing partnered with a successful Interactive Marketing company to deliver an iPad based Sales Force training tool that helps Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives educate themselves on new products while waiting for their next appointment.  The Audio-Visual based game quizzes the Sales Reps on the products within an allotted time limit while tracking their overall score.

Our developers created the program to retest the users after providing the answers to help improve their knowledge and test scores.  To increase competition the application was integrated with Social Media tools such as Yammer to share scores with colleagues and grow adoption rates.

Boston, Massachusetts: LampPost is a project to create a shared repository for study data from external partners.  The goal in this project is to convert and upload all of the unstructured study data that is in formats like Word, PDF, and Excel into database with minimal human interventions.

With studies conducted through Gene Expression, Clinical Chemistry, and BioActivation, multiple data sources, like Taqman Array Cards as an example, are consolidated. Once the data is centralized, TIBCO Spotfinder can be used to visualize and interact with the data to properly analyze the results. Spearhead Staffing supported this multi-year project in a dual function of both business analysis and software development.

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