Attitude vs. Ability What’s More Vital When Hiring IT Talent


When you search for IT talent, ability, together with experience and efficiency play a vital role. In any workplace, attitude is an additional ingredient that affects the entire workplace, from employees to the owner, immensely. The attitude of each employee, as well as the collective attitude of the entire office staff could make or break a company. Therefore, when looking to hire new IT talent, it is crucial to identify not only the candidate’s ability, but what his overall attitude is like too.

Attitudes widely assist with developing the established workplace environment within any company, which determines the productivity, team-building abilities, and morale of your employees. When you can grasp the affect of negative and positive attitudes in the workplace, it could be a hugely important tool with which to create a harmonious and thriving workplace.

Dealing Effectively with Workplace Conflict


Your workplace attitude adds validation to most of the events occurring within your workplace environment. A good example of this would be when your workplace has an existing negative attitude, then the message of a drop in revenue is normally met with expectation and it does not create a more favored sense of urgency. Should you have a workplace that is filled with positive attitudes the same message would be met with some urgency by everybody, because they would realize that there is something in the company process that is not working correctly and that it has to be rectified urgently. An established sense of high optimism in the office would help to validate the much-needed feeling of teamwork in case of any type of bad news.

Competition in the Workplace

Attitudes generally do not create competition within the workplace environment, but it can enhance the overall competitive atmosphere. When employees predominantly carry around a negative attitude, there would be an atmosphere of distrust between your employees, which will cause certain employees to strive for success no matter what. They would even do it at the expense of other employees. A very positive office attitude would cause your employees to see competition as a motivator instead, which inspires them to perform at their maximum abilities and this will in turn improve productivity.

Employee Creativity

If a business wants to develop new ideas continuously and come up with excellent creative solutions to its various issues, the business requires creative employees. Within a positive office environment, creativity among staff will be encouraged, largely because each employee will feel as if his or her ideas will contribute in a great way to the company’s success. In contrast, creativity is restricted among employees when a negative attitude is lingering in the office. In this scenario, your employees surely do not feel obliged to contribute much to the company’s growth.

Employee Retention

A direct effect of employee attitude is employee retention. In a very positive workplace, the employees typically become highly involved in the success of the company. Career development is invited by the majority of employees, which will allow them to play a role in future projects planned by the company. A workplace filled with negative attitudes habitually leads to loss of experienced workforce and turnover of staff members. This in return diminishes the ability of company growth.

As company owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that the IT talent that is hired possesses both the proper abilities, but moreover the correct attitude. Over time an IT department with faultless positive attitude, mixed with staff members who have all the correct abilities will enhance your company’s future growth.


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