4 Recruiting Technologies To Help You Reach IT Recruitment Goals

The recruiting market has become hot and many IT companies are looking at hiring tech talent to help secure quality IT employees for important initiatives. These days, with the help of recruiting technologies, corporations no longer have to wait months on end to appoint a highly experienced worker. The following are four recruiting technologies that can help you reach specific IT recruitment goals.

1.   Social sourcing

Sourcing IT candidates over the Internet is acute to success these days. Obviously LinkedIn has become a default tool for recruiters today due to it’s networking and search capabilities.  However, Twitter still is a somewhat untapped resource for recruiting.  If you don’t mind putting in the effort, you can search user profiles and posts to see who is talking and curating information about your technical area and get them to follow you and your company to stay top of mind.

2.   Corporate talent networks

Glassdoor has gained in popularity over the last couple of years and has become a “must-read” for prospective employees and contracts to learn about potential employers during the interview process.  In addition to promoting the vacancies in your corporation, numerous enterprises have now embraced this platform to develop exemplary candidate relationship building.  Any company can claim their page on Glassdoor like ours, and furthermore can customize it and take advantage of positive employee review.

3.   A bombardment of new assessment science

It is a known fact that the science of human evaluation will never stand still. Various personality or skills appraisal tools, such as Myers-Briggs, have existed for a long period. Nowadays, driven heavily by the influence of the cloud, there appears to be an eruption of new valuation tools. As an IT hiring manager who is looking to hire new employees, it is advisable that you look into using SkillSurvey or Checkster to find out more about your potential employees.

4.   Modernized applicant-tracking software and recruitment agents as “sources”

As enterprises globalize and search for more specialized talents and skills, the role of recruiters becomes more crucial. The highest-performing corporations are now pushing more duties and tasks onto the shoulders of IT recruiters, and at the same time, allowing recruitment agents to focus solely on initial screening and high-powered sourcing.

However, by allowing yourself to grasp the latest recruiting technologies, for instance modernized applicant-tracking software, you can easily detect quality prospects within a short period. Some of the best applicant tracking software that you should consider includes iCIMS, bambooHR and Greenhouse.

It is important that you take the time to learn as much as possible about all the latest recruiting technologies that are available out there. Without enough understanding of a particular technology, it will be impossible to hire a highly experienced IT employee for your corporation.

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