4 IT Staff Positions You Might Consider Offshoring

Many companies are employing remote workers nowadays, especially because it can save the company much money. At the same time, it saves the employee money too, as he does not have to pay for travelling to and from an office each day. In the IT industry, certain positions regularly fall into this category and companies prefer to appoint staff that are able to work offsite.

If you are considering this alternative for your company, it is worthwhile looking into appointing remote workers for the following IT positions:

The Software Developer

Software developers have been working from home and other remote locations for some time already. Mainly because a software developer does not interact with any customers, it is not at all necessary to have them placed at your offices. Their main communication is with Project Managers and/or Business Analysts, which can easily be done from a remote location. Furthermore, this position’s efficiency and work quality can effortlessly be monitored by using the Internet. Working as a team is therefore possible as well, even from one time zone to another.

The Database Administrator (DBA)

Turning your database administrators or DBAs into remote staff is not a problem at all and is beneficial to the company.  A DBA’s main work is usually done in conjunction with your infrastructure support staff and the application support people. This he can do from any remote position and via the Internet. In addition, a database administrator never needs to be in direct contact with any type of hardware, which is more reason for him to work outside of the normal office setup.

The Help Desk Analyst

Today, it is common to be talking to support personnel working in another time zone. Your support analysts can therefore be located anywhere else but at your offices. If your company is highly organized when it comes to its support services, any of your help desk analysts can offer first-class support services by making use of your company’s central knowledgebase. This knowledgebase will give them all the information they require to assist with standard troubleshooting matters, as well as answering the majority of questions from customers.

The Application Support Analyst

This regular IT position also does not have to deal with any hardware directly, which is the perfect reason to appoint them offsite. Furthermore, if it is not required for them to deal with too many customer-related issues, you should definitely change this position to remote employment.

Whenever it is time for your company to appoint new IT professionals, it is always crucial to consult a highly regarded IT staffing company. Such a company can provide your company with the best staffing solutions. Use the Internet to search for the ideal IT staffing companies and choose wisely, because it is vital to employ only the best IT experts.

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