4 Employee Benefits That Will Help You Retain Top It Employees

A large number of corporations can afford to construct in-house gyms and even, hire a professional chef for their workers as part of employee benefits. Nevertheless, as a small or medium size corporation, you can still compete with the big boys by providing tailor-made benefits to keep your employees happy. Although you do not have a professional chef cooking breakfast or lunch for your workers on a daily basis, you can still provide competitive benefits that will ensure that you appoint top candidates successfully and keep them highly satisfied.

The following are four competitive benefits that you should consider offering your top IT employees:

1.  Flexibility in working conditions

Nowadays, perhaps one of the most advantageous perks for workers is flexibility in terms of where and when they work. Numerous individuals will even stay in a corporation that pays less, simply because it provides balance in both work and life. Therefore, whenever it is possible, and of course, without sacrificing productivity or customer service, enable your employees to telecommute or work flexible hours.

In some companies, the employees are not required to work from nine to five, as long as they meet their deadlines. In fact, they even allow their employees to conduct their tasks from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere that they feel relaxed. To retain your top IT employees, you may want to consider allowing them to bring their children or pets (within set guidelines) to work.

2.  Back-up childcare services

A large number of working parents tussle with what to do when their nanny is unwell or when a child has contracted an eye infection, for example. By providing back-up child care services for your employees, they do not have to worry about their kids and you do not have to deal with absenteeism. Before you offer this service, conduct detailed research regarding your options in your commercial area and pay for a specific number of days every year for every employee as an additional benefit.

3.  Unlimited Vacation Days

Some of the cutting-edge companies in Silicon Valley have moved towards this model.  The large percentage of employees when given this option feel less restricted and tend to keep their vacations to close to typical levels.

4.  Wellness programs

You should furthermore seriously consider offering your employees access to wellness programs and health information, as these tools can help them achieve the correct work and life balance a lot better. You can begin by hiring a wellness expert to provide daily support to your employees and by stocking the pantry with healthy snacks on a weekly basis. In addition, you should think about inviting a monthly speaker to discuss healthy lifestyle issues and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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