3 Traits Of A Quality IT Job Candidate You Won’t Find On A Resume

Turnover, for all companies, is an important and costly issue. It certainly takes money to recruit and train top employees. Additionally, it takes time to convert staff and to handle internal operating proficiency during times of transition. Savvy businesses will usually eradicate wasteful spending by integrating smart Human Resource strategies to lessen excess costs.

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Finding the right IT employee can be challenging. The skills gap has certainly constructed continuing challenges for corporations to ensure that they remain competitive without a wealth of highly-qualified employees to meet functional requirements. There are several traits you will struggle to find on your candidates’ resumes, but you need to be watching and listening for them when interviewing:

1.  Adaptability

Employees that are able to adapt are key to a growing organization. They work well with multiple projects, both as a team member or independently. Adaptability predominantly suits the pace of dynamic businesses and successful workers are willing to take on diverse tasks and job functions.  The manner wherein an IT employee reacts to unanticipated events measures his potential to assist you in adapting to the needs of your IT constituents. The ability to compete is dependent on his capability to adapt. When interviewing potential IT candidates, consider the following:

  • Look for a candidate who rolls with the punches; ask him about accomplishing results in spite of competing goals.
  • Is the employee able to work independently or with a group of colleagues? Is he able to work unsupervised?

2.  Communication

Your employees do not live on the same island, and growth would not be maintained until all your employees get on that same “island”. Operational IT team members must proficiently communicate with each other to work well and skillfully together as a team. Bear in mind that there is no “I” in team or growth.  Communication is not the only skill that is vital in an employee. The ones with well-developed interpersonal skills can actually boost your corporation to greater heights faster. To ensure that you have an IT job candidate that can help strengthen your company, construct a culture of communicators.  This can be done by creating an agile, forward-thinking corporation. Create an environment or a test to monitor and observe the candidates’ communication habits. Consider the following list and make a decision that best serve your company’s permanent objectives:

  • How well do the candidates interpret information?
  • How well do they interact with others in the group?
  • How do the candidates respond to criticism? Do they actively listen to feedback?
  • Are they able to write and speak well?

3.  Initiative

The candidate’s capability to produce insightful ideas normally indicates that she is dedicated to initiating success. An IT candidate that embodies a “can-do” or “can-figure-a-way-out/around” attitude is invaluable. The willingness to learn suggests a readiness to accept criticism, improve, and collaborate.  When choosing a candidate to fulfill your vacant IT position, choose one who anticipates chances and envisions possibilities, because this type of person will best represent your company in the long run.

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